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How Much Oil in Alaska?

*Note: my spring semester is over, so I will be publishing at a much greater frequency. My goal is to dispel the falsehoods spread by talk show hosts and politicians. Last night an acquaintance said he had heard from several … Continue reading

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Water Pollution Case Study: Lake Erie

I grew up in Buffalo, New York in the 1960’s and 1970’s, when pollution was reaching its peak in the rust belt and the environmental movement was beginning. One of the watershed moments in the environmental movement was the discovery … Continue reading

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Lawn Care

I’m a pretty modest guy, but whenever I see my neighbors spending huge amounts of time and money maintaining their green grass lawns I feel smug. My yard requires almost no effort and no money to maintain. True, it’s a … Continue reading

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The Evils of Coal

*I am rushing to post a few blogs for my Sustainability students to read before their final exam, so this entry is only partially complete. *Note: An excellent recent article in the New York Times makes many of the points … Continue reading

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If there is magic on this planet, it is in water. Loren Eiseley, in “The Flow of the River”, The Immense Journey. Water is already a limiting resource in many areas of the world, and has been so throughout human … Continue reading

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Biodiversity is measured by the number of species present in a system [1]. It is not accurately quantified because we have discovered only 1.5-1.8 million species, less than half of the total estimated amount of between 3.6-100 million ([1], p. … Continue reading

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Book Outline

Introduction What is sustainability? Why should I try to live sustainably? Unsustainable Societies The Collapse of Ancient Civilizations Ghost Towns What is the Evidence that our Current Lifestyle is Unsustainable? How Should I Start Living Sustainably?· What are the near-term … Continue reading

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