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What is the root cause of denialism?

denialism (usually uncountable; plural denialisms) describes the position of those who reject propositions that are strongly supported by scientific or historical evidence and seek to influence policy processes and outcomes accordingly[1]. In recent years the messages of politically conservative groups … Continue reading

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Does urbanization make a society more sustainable?

A recent iCreate Sustainability debate ( asked “Does Global Urbanization Lead Primarily to Undesirable Consequences?” In the “Yes” column is Environmental Magazine, whose writers “suggest that the world’s cities suffer from environmental ills, among them pollution, poverty, fresh water shortages, … Continue reading

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Ineffective Consumer Guides: Energy Star Labels

I’ve heard for several years that Wal-Mart was becoming more sustainable, but a purchase I just made makes me doubt that. I bought a Haier mini-fridge for my daughter’s college dorm. When I opened the box in her dorm I … Continue reading

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