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Peak Oil 4: Consequences of Peak Oil

The scale of all human enterprises will contract with the energy supply. We will be compelled by the circumstances of the Long Emergency to conduct the activities of daily life on a smaller scale, whether we like it or not, … Continue reading

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Peak Oil 3: National and Global Production Peaks of Oil and Other Resources

“We’ve embarked on the beginning of the last days of the age of oil.” — Mike Bowlin, Chair, ARCO “My grandfather rode a camel, my father rode a camel, I drive a Mercedes, my son drives a Land Rover, his … Continue reading

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Change the Way You Live: Sustainable Living

"The diligent farmer plants trees, of which he himself will never see the fruit." — Cicero You go into a community and they will vote 80 percent to 20 percent in favor of a tougher Clean Air Act, but if … Continue reading

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Is Our Current Lifestyle Unsustainable?

Human population is estimated to increase from 6 to 9 billion by 2050, but humans already use over half of accessible runoff and about 40% of plant growth for the energy stored in plants by photosynthesis [1]. We have created … Continue reading

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Case study: DuPont Plant, New Johnsonville, TN

For a number of years I took students in my graduate course Aqueous Geochemistry to tour the DuPont Plant in New Johnsonville, TN, about two hours west of Nashville. The plant manufactures Titanium Dioxide TiO2 by mining the mineral ilmenite … Continue reading

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The Behavior of Water Pollutants

In their textbook "Ecological Economics" (2004), Herman Daly and Joshua Farley say that the limits to human population growth may lie not in resource depletion, but in the waste absorption capacity of the environment. This can be understood with the … Continue reading

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How Much Oil in Alaska?

*Note: my spring semester is over, so I will be publishing at a much greater frequency. My goal is to dispel the falsehoods spread by talk show hosts and politicians. Last night an acquaintance said he had heard from several … Continue reading

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