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The dangers of evangelical fundamentalist Christianity

Fundamentalist Christians spend their entire lives trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. They believe in one “truth” and try to make every aspect of their lives fit that belief. Over time inconsistencies between their belief system … Continue reading

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What is the root cause of denialism?

denialism (usually uncountable; plural denialisms) describes the position of those who reject propositions that are strongly supported by scientific or historical evidence and seek to influence policy processes and outcomes accordingly[1]. In recent years the messages of politically conservative groups … Continue reading

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Simple Science is Sometimes the Best Science

Many people think that important science always involves sophisticated mathematics, high-powered supercomputers, or expensive technical instruments. A recent book demonstrates that this is not always the case. David MacKay, Professor of Physics at Cambridge University, published a very influential book … Continue reading

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A Message to Science Educators and Students about Global Climate Change

A recent poll of climate scientists by the University of Illinois found that 97% now accept that human activity is causing climate change ( Yet many high school and university science educators who are not climatologists remain skeptical, and pass … Continue reading

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The Failure of the U.S. Government to Address Sustainability

The U.S. Government will fail to adequately address sustainability issues, and American citizens will have to abandon the top-down approach and rely on a bottom-up approach to solving these problems that affect our national security. I say this because Congress … Continue reading

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Do snowstorms disprove global warming?

The two snowstorms that hit the U.S. east coast in the past few weeks have been touted by many climate change contrarians as proof that the theory of global warming is incorrect. Much of the focus was on Washington, DC, … Continue reading

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Our Relationship with Nature

*Please note: I haven’t been posting recently because there have been so few comments that I was not convinced anyone was reading my entries. If you read this entry, please post a comment (click the “Comment” link at the end). … Continue reading

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