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Living Sustainably: The Rule of Halves

You’ve probably heard hundreds of tips on how to live more sustainably. Who can remember all of those tips, or even worse remember to do what they say? And the prescriptions sound complicated and time consuming. Many people feel overwhelmed … Continue reading

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Does urbanization make a society more sustainable?

A recent iCreate Sustainability debate ( asked “Does Global Urbanization Lead Primarily to Undesirable Consequences?” In the “Yes” column is Environmental Magazine, whose writers “suggest that the world’s cities suffer from environmental ills, among them pollution, poverty, fresh water shortages, … Continue reading

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Ineffective Consumer Guides: Energy Star Labels

I’ve heard for several years that Wal-Mart was becoming more sustainable, but a purchase I just made makes me doubt that. I bought a Haier mini-fridge for my daughter’s college dorm. When I opened the box in her dorm I … Continue reading

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Sustainability update: June 2012

It’s been sixteen months since I last posted, and much has happened on the sustainability front during that time. A huge positive development has been the transition from coal to natural gas in many US power plants. This has mainly … Continue reading

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Global Climate Change: Theory and Evidence

Perhaps the greatest challenge to sustainability is Global Climate Change (GCC). Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide (CO2), a known greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. This has led to a steady rise in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. … Continue reading

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Green Construction

A Guest blog by Krista Peterson Green construction is a new form of construction that is safer for people and the environment and is cheaper over the long term than old construction. Its use follows an era in which residential … Continue reading

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Peak Oil 3: National and Global Production Peaks of Oil and Other Resources

“We’ve embarked on the beginning of the last days of the age of oil.” — Mike Bowlin, Chair, ARCO “My grandfather rode a camel, my father rode a camel, I drive a Mercedes, my son drives a Land Rover, his … Continue reading

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